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With its exceptional finish and professional Painting services,Hamara Painters is believed to be the best wood polisher in Bangalore. We excel in providing polishing services for all types of furniture, doors, windows, artefacts and wooden fittings. We ensure that our professional Painters use best quality products as per the type of the wood being polished. We give attention to details and use different types of suitable equipment for different types of polishing jobs, hence the exceptional finish. Our quick and efficient painting services provide value for money and a hassle-free experience for the customers with minimum alteration to their routine life. Our experienced professional Painters having expertise in their work leave no stone unturned to provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. We have a range of Polish options including PU Polish which is the medium range based on the level of sheen. Our team of the best wood polishers in Bangalore provide polish services for metallic and non – metallic as well.

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Exterior Painting

The process involves rubbing the wall with sandpaper, followed by layering with putty and applying best exterior paint on the wall with a choice of flat or glossy finish paints. We provide best exterior painting in Bangalore.

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Texture Painting

Interior wall texture gives an elegant and a classy look to the room which drastically transforms the ambiance of a home. There are various kinds of interior textured paint such as zigzag, spiral, abstract etc.

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Water Proofing

Moisture and damping are the biggest enemies of the strong and beautiful walls and home. We provide services for damp proof and moisture proof waterproofing paint in Bangalore.

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Wood Painting

We provide services for wood painting in Bangalore to restore, modify, or protect furniture, doors, and windows. We paint and polish wooden items using best quality paints and polish.

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