Rental Painting

As the name suggests, rental painting service in Bangalore is for rented apartments to give it a quick renovation to the place when the tenants move out. This is done to prepare the house for the new tenants to move in. It is a quick service where a coat or two of the same color is done on the walls of an empty house, which makes the work even more quickly. The process of rental painting include:

  • To fill up minor cracks in the wall with putty, and doing touch up and applying putty wherever required on pilling off areas etc.
  • Scrubbing of all the house walls using sandpaper
  • One or Two Coat of basic emulsion paint (usually Tractor Emulsion) based on the condition of the walls
  • Complete cleaning of the house to provide a mess-free service

We have best Rental Painters In Bangalore who provide quick and efficient painting services for rented apartments when the tenants move out. They do touch up putty, filling cracks, sanding of the complete house, coating paint, and cleaning of the house as required by the customer.

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