Duco Painting

DUCO comes in clear or colored, wooden or metal finish which provides a hard, durable finish. It has various properties such as fast drying, high solid content, excellent self-leveling properties, gives a high sheen, and a smooth and dark finish. It is an excellent water barrier and is used for surfaces such as:

  • Metal and fiber body of Automobiles
  • Plywood and MDF
  • Metal sheets
  • MS angles and flats
  • Metal structures – architectural and industrial

DUCO provides high quality finishing through a strong and rich coating with scintillating gloss. It enhances the natural beauty of the wood and gives it a more flamboyant look. We provide services for DUCO in Bangalore using skilled man force, upgraded techniques and best quality products.We are one of the leading service providers for DUCO painting services in Bangalore.

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